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Birth, Baby & Beyond is a non-profit organisation aimed at helping families in need of essential baby items.

All of the items that we have, have been donated to us.

Most of the items we have are used, are in good or excellent condition.

We have some new items and will do our best to include any new items we have at the time of referral.

All of our items are safely checked, freshly laundered and fit for use.


Our service is offered on a referral basis only, three referrals per month.

We can only work will the organisation making the referral and those named on the referral form.

We cannot guarantee to provide the exact items needed but we will try our best to meet families’ requirements.

We cannot buy items form anyone nor can we swap items with ones that the family may already have.

We aim to contact all those referred to us within 21 days of the date of referral – please note that 21 days is an estimated time, items can be dispatched sooner or later than the estimated time, this can also depend on when contact with ourselves is made and our volume of referrals.

Service Offered

Each Newborn Essentials Bundle will vary depending on the family’s needs. We cannot always guarantee the items needed but we will try our best to get as close as possible to them. If the items needed are not available at the time of referral applicants can go onto our waiting list for the items.

Please find below examples of the types of items we offer:

  • Cot/cot bed or Moses
  • Basket with bedding
  • Pram
  • Bouncy Chair/swinging chair
  • Steriliser
  • Clothes Bundle
  • Buggy/Stroller
  • High Chair -
  • Baby Walker
  • Selection of Toys

*please note that some items are limited items and there may be a waiting list for them