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Starter packs: New beginnings

We are thrilled to announce that our new Beginnings Project has launched!

Starter pack contents

Our starter packs are made up solely of the donations that we receive. Prior to our New Beginnings Project each Starter Pack contained a mixture of new and used maternity, baby and child items - such as a full pram system, cot or cot bed, mattresses, Moses basket or crib, bedding, feeding equipment, clothing, toiletries and much more!

Families referred to our charity from September 2018 will now receive a NEW pram, cot or Moses basket in their Starter Pack! How amazing is this? Families in need will now have the option to choose a large new item that they require the most for their baby along with a new mattress, new bedding and many more wonderful essential baby and child items.

The approximate value of one of our Starter Packs is between £600 and £1400, and they are allocated to families in need at no cost.

Since the launch of our new Beginnings Project we are thrilled to report that we now work in partnership with over 65 parent and child organisations located within Glasgow.

Since starting in 2012 our charity has dispatched over 13,000 Starter Packs to families in need within Glasgow.

Thanks to the continued support of the Glasgow Community and our sponsors, hundreds of children have enjoyed clean, safe essential items allowing them to have an equal start in life. This is just wonderful!

A selection of starter pack contents
A selection of starter pack contents