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Newborn essentials bundles

Over 18000 newborn essentials bundles have now been delivered!

Our newborn essentials bundles are made up solely of the donations that we receive from the public and contain a mixture of new and used maternity, baby and child items.

Along with a pram, cot, Moses basket, bedding, feeding equipment, baby carrier, playmat, baby bath (and much more) our newborn essentials bundles also include a large supply of toiletries for both mum and baby.

Each bundle is tailor-made to suit the needs of the family and their circumstances.

A selection of newborn essentials bundle contents
A selection of newborn essentials bundle contents

The approximate value of one of our newborn essentials bundles is between £600 and £1400, and are allocated to families in need at no cost.

Since starting in 2012 our charity has dispatched over 18,000 newborn essentials bundles and over 45,000 items to families in need within Greater Glasgow.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought many challenges to our charity. One of the main issues that we have faced as a community based charity is how to support families effectively, with social distancing measures in place.

To get around this issue, and to keep everyone as safe as possible, we have set up an online portal that will accept self referrals for newborn essentials bundles from individuals facing financial hardship.

To keep in line with social distancing measures, the claimant will not be required to claim via one of our partnership organisations or see our volunteers face to face.

Everything will be done via our online portal, over the phone and once finalised the bundles will be delivered contact free to the families home.

Our online portal will be open every month to the public, when we reach our monthly limit of referrals the portal will close and reopen the following month.

Apply for a Birth, Baby & Beyond Newborn Essential Bundle

If you are one of our partnership organisations and would like to make a referral for a newborn essential bundle please email us at

Newborn Essential Bundle contents