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Scottish Cot Death Trust

We are please to announce that we are now working with the Scottish Cot Death Trust to help deliver safe sleep messages.

The Scottish Cot Death Trust was founded in 1985 after various research initiatives highlighted the extent of the problem of Cot death in Scotland. Birth, Baby & Beyond are working in partnership with the trust to help highlight safe sleep messages for babies and children.

This August team had a visit from Martin who works at the trust. Martin provided our team of volunteers with guidance and advice and how to promote safe sleep messages for children. Our volunteers will now be offering safe sleep messages to parents for their children when they are in our high street store.

We are also pleased to announce that we will now be including sleep safe leaflets and information in our Starter Packs. The team from the trust will be offering drop in information sessions at our Community Bookshop (TUT site) in the coming months.

For more information baby sleep safety visit The Scottish Cot Death Trust.