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Over 34% of children are living in poverty in Glasgow. The number of children living in poverty in Glasgow is the highest amount Scotland's major cities.

As of the 28th March 10,000 more children were reported to be living in poverty resulting in over a quarter of children in Scotland are now living in poverty.

One of the most rewarding elements to our job here at BB&B is meeting with our families after they have received our help and hearing how things have changed for them.

Our research has shown that before receiving our help, 95% of families felt isolated, anxious and noticed a change in their mental health due to financial hardship. Families, prior to receiving our help reported feeling that they were unable to go out, attend local groups or socialise with those in their community. They reported feeling a sense of anxiety and stress when thinking of the items they desperately needed for their children but were unable to obtain. All of which lead to many parents feeling depressed and lethargic.

Thanks to all of the amazing donations we receive day in and day out this has changed dramatically!

Nearly 89% of the families who have received our help over the last 2 years have reported a huge change in their behaviours, feelings and general outlook. Families reported a massive sense of relief when they received their Starter Pack. Many families reported that they felt able to get out and about with the prams we provide which in turn allowed them socialise more often and attend local groups with their children. Levels of anxiety, stress and depression among our families appeared to reduce significantly with many families feeling relaxed and more positive about their future.

One of our favourite changes in a lot of the families we help is that after receiving their Starter Pack they reported feeling more involved and supported in their local community. By receiving donations of other families unwanted baby and child that they so desperately needed, our families felt a sense of togetherness.

Families receiving our Starter Packs will never know which family in Glasgow provided the donations but they do know that those within their community have helped them in their time of need! How amazing is that?

Families helping families - together we can make a difference!