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Our team have been out educating the local community and raising awareness of the work our charity does within the community.

Gemma and the primary one children form St Monica's Primary School learning about recycling for Eco Week!

Over the last two years our charity has worked with a number of Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Universities, Heath Visiting Teams, NHS Groups, Community and Third Sector Organisations.

Primary Schools

The younger generation will soon have the loudest voices!

If your school is covering topics such as families, babies, helping others and recycling we would love to come out and speak to them.

Visits normally last 15-30 minutes and can be interactive with mini bundle making activities.

The wonderful children from Busby Primary School putting together mini Starter packs and learning about families.

Secondary Schools

We believe that all young adults have the ability to change the world we live in!

Our volunteers cover a range of subjects for S1-S6 students such as third sector organisations, social entrepreneurship, recycling, support in the community and volunteering.

If your students are studying any of the above topics, our volunteers would love to come out and do a presentation.

Presentations can be during assembly or during class time and last for approximately 30 minutes.


Help us provide additional information and advice on real social issues before students set off into the world!

Our volunteers are keen to talk to students studying social subjects and environmental studies to give advice and support on the issues on poverty and the services that Birth, Baby & Beyond offers the local community.

Presentations can be held for pre-registered students, current students or graduates and normally last for approximately 30-45 minutes.

Youth Philanthropy Initiative - Hyndland Secondary

Massive thank you to 5th year students Eliza, Anna and Ameena from Hyndland Secondary on their fantastic presentation on Birth, Baby & Beyond last month!

The fantastic presentation on Birth, Baby and Beyond

The girls took part in the Youth Philanprothy Initiative (YPI) which allows Scottish schools to research local grassroots charities and to raise awareness on local projects. Their presentation wowed the judges and the trio secured £3000 for our charity! Such a wonderful achievement for all.

Birth, Baby & Beyond's Communications Manager, Gemma Gray went along to meet the students, see the presentation and receive the cheque on behalf of our charity.

Great work Eliza, Anna and Ameena!

Health Visiting, NHS, Community, Third Sector

Gemma out visiting Glasgow Caledonian and Glasgow Clyde College pre-registred students!

If your team would like to know more about the support available within the community and the services that Birth, Baby & Beyond can offer we would love to come out for a chat.

Our volunteers can attend team meetings and offer advice on how to use our service.

If you haven't already registered to use our service we can talk you through the process and sign you up at the meeting.

Arrange a visit

To arrange a visit please contact us with information the audience group and we will get back to you.