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About us

Birth, Baby & Beyond is a charitable organisation based in Glasgow, aimed at helping under privileged families, with little or no income within the Glasgow Community.

Birth, Baby & Beyond was set up in June 2012 when a mum noticed there was a social need not being met. Since then, BB&B has gone from strength to strength offering a large number of families in need free Newborn Essentials Bundles of useful baby and child items.

A number of families find themselves, for one reason or another, in a situation whereby they have no way of getting essential baby items such as a moses basket, pram, cot, steriliser, clothing, bedding, nappies and many more items.

The majority of families we help are in isolation due to their personal circumstances and do not have many friends or family around them to help.

Many families facing financial hardship find themselves doing without clean, safe baby and child items where others will often take the risk of using unsafe baby and child items if that is all they can obtain.

BB&B is here to change that!