About us

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Birth, Baby & Beyond was set up in June 2012 when a mum noticed there was a social need not being met. Since then, BB&B has gone from strength to strength offering a large number of families in need free Starter Packs of essential baby and child items.

A number of families find themselves, for one reason or another, in a situation whereby they have no way of getting essential baby items such as a moses basket, pram, cot, steriliser, clothing, bedding, nappies and many more items.

The majority of families we help are in isolation due to their personal circumstances and do not have many friends or family around them to help.

Many families facing financial hardship find themselves doing without clean, safe baby and child items where others will often take the risk of using unsafe baby and child items if that is all they can obtain. BB&B is here to change that!

Who benefits from the work we do?

BB&B bring the community of Glasgow together; those donating to us are happy in the knowledge that when they donated their pre-loved baby and child items will be going onto families in need within the community and city. Families donating items to us are in support of helping those within our local communities and wider City areas. Birth, Baby & Beyond are bringing those within the Glasgow community together and allowing families in Glasgow and surrounding areas to help other families within their local area and city.

The organisations within our community and throughout Glasgow that we have teamed up with are made stronger with our support. By working with other parent and child organisations situated within Glasgow, we are actively expanding our reach and improving families lives within a large number of communities throughout Glasgow.

Our Mission

Together we can make a difference to families in need of essential baby and child items!

  • To provide families facing financial hardship with free baby and child items
  • To reduce stress and financial worry
  • Encouraging community engagement
  • Reaching out to families in isolation

What are the other benefits to our organisation?

Well - by only using donated items BB&B are conserving energy, minimising waste and partaking in positive environmental management issues.

Energy conservation – All of the items that we use in our Starter Packs and sell from our shop are new and used items that have been donated to us. More than 90% of the items we have would have ended up as landfill if we did not take them. Many families do not have the time to bring their unwanted baby and child items to us and would have opted to take the items to a recycling centre resulting in them becoming landfill.

Waste minimisation – By only using donations of new and used items we are reducing waste and reusing items until they are no longer usable. Nearly all of the items we receive are in great condition with little or no problems. With Birth, Baby & Beyond collecting only donations there is no need for reusable items to go to waste.

Positive environmental management issues – As an organisation, the way in which we conserve energy and minimise waste helps the environment and is eco-friendly. We reduce the number of items that end up as landfill, reuse second hand items which in turn helps the environment and reduces unnecessary waste.

Pretty amazing!

RHC Third Sector Forum

Birth, Baby & Beyond are now members of the RHC Third Sector Forum and attend two meetings a year, held at The Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.


The forum meetings explore ways in which third sector organisations can support each other, patients of the RHC and their families.

Since becoming forum members at the RHC Birth, Baby & Beyond have created new partnerships and hope to continue to do so in the future.